• Born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Former NFL Wide Receiver ( 2007-2010)
  • 3 All-Time Leading Wr in School History
  • 2012 Mens Fitness Magazine Ultimate Athlete Winner
  • Certified Personal Trainer/Coach
  • 8 Years Coaching and Training Experience
  • Lost 63lb in Personal Fitness Transformation


As the Equinox Prodigy winner in 2017, D’Juan continues to strive for the best. He has recently set his focus on training programs that are very distinct in the fitness world and have delivered amazing results! His programs are based on an athletes willingness to move forward in fitness like himself or anyone who feels that enough is enough and wants to improve there body. Don’t be deceived by other training programs, D’Juan Woods offers detailed  comprehensive personal training programs that will improve your physical condition in a matter of weeks!


In 2015, D’Juan was chosen as a trainer for Nike Training Club, led by some of the world’s preeminent trainers. In 2017, D’Juan was named as a Master Trainer for the Nike Training Club.

As a trainer, he also became an ambassador for the Nike brand, being featured on a billboard and advertisements featured throughout the city of Los Angeles.


In March 2017, D’Juan Woods won the Equinox Fitness “Prodigy” Talent Search. Equinox Fitness is an American luxury fitness company which operates several separate fitness brands: Equinox, PURE Yoga, Blink Fitness, and SoulCycle. He is now a certified Equinox Fitness instructor, whom are, second to none, and trained in-house for unbeatable fitness expertise.


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